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A quick update just to let you know I’ve launched a podcast!

It would mean the world to me if you could drop me a subscribe and review on your platform of choice:

I’ll be doing a video version of each and adding it to my YouTube Channel, on this playlist:

Here’s an example buy liquid clenbuterol of how it looks…

I’ll also be adding each episode as a blog post on this site.

I decided to start a podcast because, well, I’ve become a podcast junkie. I listen to them when I work out, in the car and when I’m riding my bike. I realized the white space of opportunity I’ve been missing out on by focusing mainly on video content.

This podcast will focus on proven, scalable marketing tactics that are backed by real case studies. I’ll be having a few featured guests, but mainly it will be me riffing about what’s working in marketing right now.

Drop me a note in the comments of any topics you’d like to see covered – see you in there!