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I sat down with Tim Soulo from Ahrefs to talk about their recent case study regarding the importance of “on page SEO”.



Exact match keywords in the title, on the page and in your URL does not equate to higher rankings for that exact keyword




  • The team at Ahrefs sampled 2 million keywords at random and analyzed the top 10 results in Google for those keywords
  • They nullified the importance of links by only analyzing keywords with similar domain ratings
  • The goal was to analyze the correlation of having the exact keyword in the title, on page or URL Oxymeprime Eminence Labs buy in Australia legally and the rankings for that keyword
  • In other words, does having the exact keyword in your “on page SEO” correlate to higher rankings for that keyword?



  • Tim found having your exact keyword in the page title, URL or even body text does not correlate to higher rankings for that keyword
  • His article generated a lot of attention for claiming that “on page SEO” is dead




Tim and I discuss the findings of the case study, including why the community lashed back against their findings

Essentially, it comes down to how you define “on page SEO”  proper way to optimize pages for



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