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People don’t buy from people they don’t know.

The power of the internet gives us the ability to turn “cold” audiences into “warm” prospects through value adding content + targeted ad spend.

In this video, I walk you through how you use video advertising to “warm” up cold audiences in preparation for a product launch.

It’s increasingly difficult to get people’s attention on today’s internet, especially if people don’t know who you are.

Studies show it takes 7 touch points with a person to turn them into a potential customer. The internet gives us the power to hack this down from months to a matter of days (if you’re smart about it).

Where most marketers go wrong is by displaying sales messages too early in the process.

I spend thousands on video view campaigns. The ONLY goal is to get people to watch more and more of my videos to build awareness, trust and understanding. After they watch 4 or 5 of my videos, they’re must more receptacle to a sales pitch.

Let me walk you through a live example…

I am getting ready to launch my new training for SEO agencies. It’s a high ticket training platform – no one is going to buy it just because I sent traffic to a landing page.

I’m going to have to sell people on it.

To do so, I’ve been creating a series of videos about different aspects of marketing – SEO, Facebook ads, strategy, etc.

I then boost them to “cold” audiences that match the topic of the video. For example…

  • Video about “on page” SEO tips I boost to cold audiences using interest targeting like Search Engine Land, Moz and Ahrefs.
  • Video about “Facebook funnels” I boost to cold audiences using interest targeting like Digital Marketer, Russel Brunson and Click Funnels

I’m using content to relate to cold audiences on topics that Facebook is telling me they’re interested in. 

If these people watch at least 3 seconds of one of the videos, they get pushed into a Custom Audience. I then nurture and grow that custom audience by promoting MORE videos to them.

The goal here is to get them to watch 5 to 7 videos, at least 10 seconds each, and drive them to “like” my page.

By the time that I’m ready to launch my product for those people that know exactly who I am and what’s coming their way, and with enough level of trust to hand over that amount of money to me.

This takes time and it takes money.

I’ll spend around $10,000 building this audience (at least), with no “ROI” goal in mind. Ultimately it’s an investment in my next campaign because these audiences will lower my acquisition cost significantly.

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